Cloud connection unavailable

Is anyone else having this issue? Where would I go to check status of the hubitat network?


To check status of Remote Admin, if that’s what you are asking:

The Account page, which lets you find, connect, etc., is working as well:

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Normally this is due to a loss of internet connectivity to the hub, Try going to:


And running a Trace Route Test to see if it gets past your gateway (router usually something like


Unlike other platforms who rely heavily on the cloud, our cloud workload is light, and we rarely have any outages*. But if there is an outage, we are quick to notify users everywhere on the social media, within minutes after the outage is confirmed.

With that being said, there are no outages currently. If you'd like us to check to see if your hub is connected to the cloud, please send me a PM with your hub's MAC address and I can check it for you.

*hope I didn't jinx it now :slight_smile:


I did a reboot and that cleared it up. Thanks for all the responses