"Cloud Connection is Unavailable"

I noticed this yesterday, and then again this morning.
Based on the lack of cloud backups, it had been down for a couple of days.
I fooled around with some stuff and got it back-might have been something to do with the reserved address in the router...I'm not sure.
There is no "red thing", or any other notice, so you don't know there's an alert.
When I checked the alert box this morning, it was down again, again with no overnight cloud backup.
The reserved address was correct and working this time.
I shutdown and cycled power and it came back.

I think there's a problem.
At a minimum, there should be some kind of obvious notice so one can do something about it.



Based on the other thread, I power cycled my modem and router and got the cloud unavailable message again.

Rebooting the hub brings back the cloud.

Totally repeatable, as I said on other thread:

It's totally repeatable for me.
I just now, again, started with cloud unavailable.
Rebooted hub-cloud available.
Power cycled modem and router-cloud unavailable.
Rebooted hub-cloud available.

Your hub is losing its connection to the internet. Sounds like it might be a DNS issue. Check the settings on your router and verify that a proper DNS address is being assigned to the DHCP range used by your hub. You can also perform network tests from the hub itself, which should also clue you into a DNS issue if they fail.

According to the other thread, @gopher.ny is looking into it.

Working on this here too:

Can confirm it IS a DNS issue at least on the C-8.

With the addition of Wi-Fi in the C-8 it could be something simple due to the added interface which was not seen before with a single eth0.

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