Cloud backup failure causes Z-Wave radio to go offline

I haven't had this problem for quite awhile, BUT since re-enabling cloud backups, none of my z-wave devices work until they are triggered a second time. On the Z-Wave Details page, all devices are listed but the stats for each device have been erased. Newly triggered devices are then reported at 9.6 kbps with crazy four-hop routes. This improves over the next day until everything is a direct, 100 kbps connection.
Basically, it appears the z-wave radio is partially resetting during a cloud backup.

I don't know, I didn't look ... I've never had this issue twice now.

I had only installed at about noon of the 10th, so the hub was up only about 1d 15h when this happened.

The cloud backup was set to daily so I changed it to once a week and did another soft reset, guess I will see what happens.

What I did notice though is the according to the hub events the Z-Wave radio does not go down at the same time the cloud back fails. Although when the cloud back is successful , the Z-wave radio does not have any issues that day,

I swear there was an update out earlier today that had a possible fix for the cloud backup issue. But when I check now, there is no update?

They must have found a last minute breaking bug and pulled it.

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[Release 2.3.8 Available]

.139 was released 4 days ago.

As far as I know that was the last release that I know of anyways

My hub just debunked my theory! :man_facepalming:

My hub had even rebooted itself prior to the cloud backup running due to low ram.

Still seeing the Zigbee radio going offline daily. No cloud backups have run since I ran a soft reset on the hub on 4/13.

I am suspecting more and more that this is a hardware issue with my C8, as both Z-Wave and Zigbee radios have encountered this issue.

I agree, the cloud backup issue doesn’t affect Zigbee AFAIK.

I’d suggest raising a warranty claim with Hubitat.

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I had another one this morning on .140.

Backup failure and Z-Wave went off-line?

PM your Hub's UID (Settings>Hub Details) to @bobbyD and someone from HE can take a look at your hub's engineering logs.

Same here on .140 today, May 2nd. This is getting old. I hate getting up and having Google telling me, "Sorry but I can't reach Hubitat" :rage:

I’ve minimised the issue by changing my cloud backups to weekly.

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That is exactly what I did the AM. Also changed the time of backup to Noon. If it is gonna fail, I would sooner have the zwave go offline at that time. Very annoying when I first get up


I completely agree. I had two cloud backups fail months ago and switched mine to 3pm on Sundays. Oddly enough I never had a backup fail again. Maybe it’s because no one else is doing a cloud backup at that time.


Steve, we have all now changed our backup times to match 3:00 pm in Ontario on Sunday.


Hahaha - I was thinking that as I typed. Lol.
I’m going to have to apply a randomizer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:slight_smile: It's not timing out or anything like that. It's all about Z-Wave mesh health. Plus we have implemented lots of bug fixes to address the majority of the failures. Some failures are not possible to fix, as they relate to connected devices that bring down the mesh to its knees. Though we continue to investigate and more work to close some of these issues is underway in the next platform release.

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