Closing blinds when windows are closed in same rule

I want to do something easy, but idk why my rule doesn't work.
I have 4 contacts sensors on 4 different windows with motorized blinds. So i want when I connec the HSM to the rule check for its contact sensor and if it's closed then close the blind. but in case it isn't closed to wait until it's closed and then close the blind.
What happens to my rule if the first contact is open then will not close the blind of any window, even if its contactor is closed.

Thanks for the help

I thought every "if" if I closed them with End-if behave independent but seems the first if is blocking the below ones.

I had a similar situation where I wanted to lock all doors, but not until they were closed.

What I did to solve this was to create 1 rule each to lock the door. Then I executed (Run Rule Actions) all the rules from the main one.

You could apply the same idea here. Set all your If conditions in their individual rules and call them all one after the other. That way, one wait condition will not interrupt the rest of them running.

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I'm thinking it may be the delays / waits, I've got a similar rule without the delays, I'll grab a screenshot shortly.


Here's my rule that I've been using for a while now. I am thinking that the IF-THEN-ELSE statements run in sequence but delays may mean execution of the rule pauses while the delay is occurs. Just a theory... Perhaps try removing them temporarily and see how it behaves.