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Hi guys,

I did build a closet with barn doors put a Samsung motion sensor in the middle to detect movement to turn the lights on/off in the closet thru a jasco plug-in smart switch if motion was detected, the problem is that my wife leave the doors open all the time and anytime somebody pass by the closet the lights come on, that was done with smartthings, now that I moved to HE I was wondering if I can achieve almost the same with the jasco plug-in switch which will turn the lights on/off if I have two lutron pico remotes on each side of the closet (one pico for my side and the other pico for my wife's side), so if my wife open her side she can turn the lights on and when she finish she can turn them off or even better turn them off i would say after 5 min? can I achieve this?

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Leave the toilet seat up and teach her a lesson. If she can’t close the closet door, it’s game on !




This is pretty straightforward in Button Controller. Pick a Pico, select a light switch (or outlet), what you wish to do with each button, and done. Here I used a GE Z-wave switch, and a 5 button Pico.

I also have done this with Zigbee and Pico, and other cross-protocol actions. The two button Pico would be the least confusing if you only have on/off, and you could also double up each Pico by utilizing both Press and Release functions of the Pico. This would allow you to hold a button to turn off wife's light or vise-versa.


Could you not just put a motion sensor on the top trim of the doorway inside the closet and facing in? This way the light would only go on when someone enters the closet.


Ohhh. You’ve given some good advice out right there. :joy:

I was having a discussion about closing the closet for the lights with the Mrs. this morning.


Good idea i will try that !!!!


I would use a contact sensor. That way, you could turn the lights on if open but then if it stays open for too long, you could turn them off. You would have to close and re-open to get it to turn them back on.


Could actually use both contact and motion, and just setup the rule to only keep the light on if motion is detected, so this way if the door is left open and no one is in the closet the light will just go off after the set time.


Just make sure you combine that with a state check on the door. Otherwise you'll be turning it on when the door is closed. So, you would need something like this:

Trigger:  Door CHANGED or Motion INACTIVE

If  Door Open & Motion Active
      Turn on Light
Else if Motion Inactive
      Turn off light


awesome, so its possible, now since im new with HE, which apps do i need to get this done, I'm really rookie with HE


Funny thread, I had the same issue with my wife, the closet was all times open, my walk in closet is dark, no windows, I already had a smart switch on it, she turned off the light all times but she did not close it, so I installed a contact sensor, I created 2 rules, 1 to turn on the light when the door is open and turn off when door is closed, the second rule was if the door was open and the switch was physically turned off then turn the light back to on. Problem solved. Now she closes the door.

Just a story, probably doesn't work for you...


Now that is funny. My kids always would leave the back door open. If I could have just linked that to the Xbox power outlet. Wish I had a Hubitat then.


I have the same trouble with my wife and kids and closets and pantry doors. So in addition to the contact switch rule, I have a rule I call a timeout. Light comes on, if contact open, delay x minutes goes back off.