Clicksmart sockets

So just noticed that clicksmart double and single sockets are now available is loads of colours :ok_hand:
The 4 I have have been super reliable, just wish they had power monitoring.

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I love click stuff and my switches are already the deco range so I will be doing the rooms with the sockets as well now. How are they working on HE? does the lock option work for example?

They are faultless for me, paired instantly and not had todo any thing with them they just work I have 3 doubles and a single.

I paired them with the Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch so you dont get the switch lock, I havent looked to see if there is custom driver with the switch lock as I haven't found a need for it.

Where do you get them from

I got mine from here they were the cheapest when i was looking

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Did you go metal or plastic? if metal they working well?

they must have got a well formed aerial if they have metal versions.

I have the white plastic ones as the colours were not available when I ordered.

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