Clicksmart Smart Scenario Switch

Just got a few of these and as with all of their stuff it seems to just work, it gives 6 buttons on a single switch.

Ive use the in-built Tuya Zigbee Scene Switch driver which also shows the battery level


are you switching the mains to ceiling lights to? or using smart bulbs?

I'm looking for a traditional style rocker switch, which is also smart, to retain the ability to use normal bulbs.

Im using the scene switchs to control smart bulbs that are permanently live.

I think you are looking for some thing like fibaro dimmer 2's or single switchs for none dimmers.

I have 15 dimmer 2's that i have on all the non smart lights in my house.

They look like this and fit behind the switch you can pretty much use any switch you like.

I use schneider ultimate grid and click grid pro switchs

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