Clickable tiles on dashboard

Can every tile have an "Action if clicked" option. I would envision the option would bring up a choice of actions such as "Go to Dashboard", "Run Rule", etc. You could then select the dashboard or rule to run if the tile was clicked.


I have an temperature tile to display the average temperature on my main dashboard. I would like to click it and go to a dashboard that displays all of the temperature sensors.

I would like to click any sensor tile (temperature, contact, power, etc) and have it run a rule that refreshes the device.

I have an attribute sensor which displays the HSM status. I would like to click it and go to a pin protected dashboard that controls everything alarm related (HSM, contact and motion detector status, etc).

About the pin protected dashboards, does it only allow a certain number of pin attempts before locking out for a period of time? That would be a nice feature.


Yes, remarkable! I entered in "hubitat dashboard make tile clickable" in google search after finishing making a temp graph off all temp sensors on HE (using Hubigraph) and this is the first 'top' results!

That must be a sign that its well needed.

I too have a simple 1x1 tile that displays the average temp of all these sensors and would so love to tap in on my wall mounted android panel and have it bring up the Hubigraph.