Click Smart+ 2 Gang Zigbee Smart Switched Socket Outlet

Has anyone had any luck with the Click Smart+ 2 Gang Zigbee Smart Switched Socket Outlets (UK):

If so, what driver has been found to work?



Finally some sockets for the UK market! I don't like the power logo on the switches though :cry:
Would by but delivery is over £5.00 for every site I have found them on which makes them a little too expensive.

Edit: Having said that I just bought it...

Bought, set up, works perfect. Driver is automatically selected on pairing. Will buy more to replace my Energenie RF sockets.

There is apparently a lock setting on them but I imagine that a custom driver would need to be written for this?

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Brilliant. Thank you for doing my R&D! :slight_smile: I am going ahead with these. Shame they don't have one with USB charging on (yet). I've got a load of Lightwave RF in and I think I'll be replacing them...

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Hi, do these repeat?

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cool will order a few! now just to find the cheapest price!

Good luck, I struggled to find a cheap price so but the bullet in the end. Had no issues with them so I suppose you pay for quality. Found out the other day they do versions other than white, hit up their website.

45 quid a pop for other colours! not happening!!

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Bit pricey! :joy:

Seem to be the cheapest

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That’s who I’ve bought from before, quick shipping :+1:

Do these sockets report power and energy?


  1. Are you all just using the Hubitat hub and not bridging in using theirs?

  2. Is there anything you should avoid plugging in to these? I’m new to this and won’t be installing myself but understand some sockets can be 26a where this is 13a. Will I have any issues? Layman’s terms please

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