CLICK SMART+ 13A ZIGBEE Smart fused switch for bathroom extractor

Hi all

Im having a new bathroom fitted with two sockets on the outside wall of the bathroom in the hallway. One for lights and one for the extractor fan.

Ive already had the fan installed. Is it possible to use this to control the fan and also make it smart with my aqara humidity sensor.

Click Smart+ 13A Zigbee Smart Switched Fused Connection Unit [CMA30651] - £36.57 : Click4Electrics, Online Electrical Wholesaler


I'm using 3 of their 13A outlets and they are working well.
I've had no issues with them.
I assume this should perform just as well.


I have two of those one on my boiler and one on an immersion heat all work just fine.

I also have 6 of there double sockets 1 single and four of there scene switchs all working faultless.

Another option would be click smart 2 gang smart switch csp04 which you could use to turn on your lights and fan?

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@garyburchell do you have click smart 2 gang smart switch csp04 working with HE?

I'm trying to find a 2-gang ZigBee switch for this purpose (Bathroom light and extractor) so fingers crossed :blush:

I dont have any of those. But they should work.
I don't have a separate switch for my extractor fan it works on a humidity sensors.

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