Cleaning up orphaned apps

My experience with HE has been great. Maybe not 1000% perfect but pretty close. When I read posts about systems that slow down or are unreliable I always wonder if maybe I just got a good hub and other people got bad ones. I do try to keep my configuration free of old devices and keep applications written as cleanly as possible to minimize unnecessary processing, but there is another cleanup task I started doing a while ago. At the bottom of the properties page for each device there is a "used by" section. I found out that there were a lot of unused or partially built apps in there for some of my devices... apps that were created during experimentation but that no longer exist in the Apps tab. So once in a while I go through each device and open those stray apps in the "used by" section and delete them.


Do these persist overnight? I recall being told a while back that incomplete apps (which is what those are--ones you never installed by clicking "Done" or where the developer didn't specify that they should complete installation on first open) should get cleaned up periodically, I think as part of overnight maintenance. I can't find the post now, and this would have probably been back in the early days (2018), so my memory might be off...

In any case, perhaps staff would be interested in hearing that this apparently doesn't happen for you if you are, indeed, waiting. And in the meantime, not a bad idea to check yourself! (I try to avoid this in the first place by hitting "Remove" on any app I started paying around with before deciding not to finish installing, the remembering of which is easier said than done.)