Cleaning up failed devices?


my network seems to work well. When we had the issues with S2 inclusions on c7 hubs a couple of firmware versions back i ended up with a couple of failed inclusions. I believe that they left three failed nodes behind. I was trying to include three zooz zen27 dimmers.

After the firmware was updated i still had a problem getting a reliable mesh to these switches so i ended up buying a second hub and i control these switches on the second hub (linked back to the first hub via hublink).

However on my first hub i have three "phantom" nodes that show up in zwave details. I suspect they are remains from the three zooz dimmers i tried to use way back when.

I would like to remove them, i tried remove, repair. refresh and discover but nothing happens.
Any advice for what I should do?

I've ignored them for the past month or two as they seem to cause no harm. But the engineering side of my brain says i should do something about it.


If the Refresh and Remove options don't work, you may have to use a Z-Wave stick and PC Controller software to remove them.

If your mesh is working fine and nothing is trying to route through they can be just a cosmetic issue that (OCD permitting) you can ignore. :wink:

If they cause problems, or you just (like me) can't stand them sitting there mocking you, you'll need to go the Z-Wave stick route...details below:

Ghost Removal - Who you gonna call?!

The stick and software can be useful troubleshooting issues so not a bad piece of HW to have around in general.


Did you try de-powering (flip the breaker) for these switches with the failed inclusion, and then try to Repair. That hopefully will cause them mark them as failed. Once that happens, try the Remove button.

If this hub can see those switches, no matter if they are correctly paired, then you probably won't be able to remove them.

Good point - I assumed the switches were on a different hub now.

(But still get the UZB stick...a nice tool.) :slight_smile:

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Great point. i can flip the breaker for those switches and then go and remove. really great point!
I'll try that tomorrow. thanks so much for the idea!

If that doesn't work wrapping the hub in a few layers of aluminum foil for a short period of time tends to cut off all communication...

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No need for aluminum foil. When i need to go James Bond and must conceal my movements from Spectre i bring my trusty duffel bag that Q gave me. I'll just toss the hub in it for a few minutes! Martini anyone? Shaken not stirred as always.

Ps. i hear Q has a sidegig on amazon. He is an entrepreneurial fellow that man.

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I'm gonna put my neighbor in that sucker...only way to keep him from sending me another "hilarious" email.

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I tried this, they showed failed state. I clicked on the remove button (could have been called delete) but nothing seemed to happen. The device is still there. i even tried a power cycle while the switches where unpowered followed by a repair/delete but it didn't get the devices removed.

Surely there must be a way to forcible remove an errant device?

You can do this, but it requires a USB Z-Wave stick.

Ghost Removal - Who you gonna call?!

But first - did you try the Remove button a number of times? Usually once is not enough in my experience. I've seen it take four or five or more tries before the device is removed. Remove doesn't always work, but when it does it's almost always tried numerous clicks.

I only tried twice. The family wanted to go grocery shopping and needed my help so I was pressed for time. As you say it's mostly cosmetic so maybe I'll wait a bit and try again.

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If your mesh is humming along and things are working, it can be a purely cosmetic ghost. I had one for a while - everything worked great, but it sat there mocking me quietly so I eventually removed it using the UZB stick. :wink:

I see no negative consequences from these devices. I'll probably just let them be for now. Wife is getting pretty happy with the automation.

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Declare victory and just walk away... :slight_smile:

My OCD got the best of me. I just ordered the stick.


I did the same. I think a bit of OCD is part of the entry fee for us HA types. :wink:

I have that in spades.