Clean-up Fun

TOO MANY PICTURES OF @bobbyD!!!!!!!!!


Fine! I changed my picture to be more suitable for the project I am working on ... :rofl: Hubby is slacking off...


Be careful what you wish for. I heard @rlithgow1 got all dressed up for an Elton John concert last night…


I put us in this category so I can keep the other thread uncluttered for accidental closures.

@hubby, there's an imposter in the house.


Hey, look at that! You remembered my name, I am flattered :blush:

Since you’ve tagged me, let me tell you how I can help.

You can start a useful tutorial by replying to me with @hubby start tutorial.

Or, you can learn more about other cool things I can assist you with, by just replying to me with: @hubby display help.

Since I can post privately or publicly, if you prefer to learn more about me, in private, you can always send me a private message (PM).

If you ever need my assistance, just tag me, and I'll post this message again.

Hubby, go close all posts older than one year that have not had new activity in the past 12 months!


No such thing as too much, too many, @bobbyD . Only good things happen where he is at work.

Ha! I love this. I was going through marking read all the ones that got closed out in bulk. There were so many to do that I got accused of being a DoS attack:

Slow down, too many requests from this IP address.
Please retry again in 7 seconds.
Error code: id_60_secs_limit.


Does @hubby have a spouse named @waf? :smiley:

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Anyone know of a way to do multiple thread selection and then switch from Watching/Tracking to Normal ?

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