Classic Dashboard Drag and Drop getting there, but still issues

I have a C8 running

The drag and drop in the classic dashboard doesn't seem to be working very well. Here is my staring position:

I then dragged one switch to a new position:

But I cannot drag it back to where it came from. I have to use the old positioning method to get it back to where it started from.

I also could not drop it between 2 existing tiles either from its starting position or from where I dropped it to.

I did notice that it's sensitive to the number of rows/columns setting. Not sure if that's your issue or not.

Btw: @BobbyD, @gopher.ny, @bravenel I'm STOKED about the drag & drop work on the legacy DBs. :slight_smile: Thx so much!!!

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If I set it to 2 columns then it seems it shouldn't have let me drop it in the 3rd column. But since it did, I don't see why it wouldn't let me drop it back where it originally came from.

In any event, again assuming I had it as 2 columns, then either it shouldn't have let me drop it in the 3rd column, or much better, pop up a message asking if I want to have a 3rd column. Another solution would be to just automatically make the layout 3 columns wide if I dropped it in a 3rd column.

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Just BTW, did not fix the problem of tiles moving and not snapping back when being dragged in a browser, which we can't do on an iPhone. But, on phones, and not in a browser, editing the dashboard brings up left/right up/down buttons (though it is a bit awkward to use and the arrow controls cover much of the label so I'm constantly toggling in and out of edit mode to see where the control I want to move is located).

I also wish there was a cancel button as I sometimes mess up trying to set a layout and it would be easier to start over.