Cielo Breez Smart AC control

I purchased a couple Cielo Breez to use with my Mitsibishi Split AC units. They work very well as stand alone units and the app is ok. I was able to get them to work with my Smartthings hub but I cannot find anything to get them on my Hubitat hub, which I prefer. Has anybody got the drivers for the Cielo Breez?

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I too have the Cielo Breeze, and would love to see this integrated into Hubitat!

Yes, the cielo does work with the SmartThings hub so there is at least that. I just don't know how to port over the SmartThings device handler to Hubitat.

I also have a ceilo breeze on the mini split I installed in our bonus room. I didn’t know there was a SmartThings dh. Now we just need a developer that has one :frowning:

I just bought a couple Cielo devices, and integration with Hubitat would be great...unfortunately I am not a programmer.

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Is there anyone that knows enough about how to convert a SmartThings app to HE for this Ceilo Breeze? Ive been looking for a while and its all greek to me.

Bumping this up cuz I also would like this :slight_smile:

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I have 5 of these units and would love to get them working in Hubitat.

I know some programming and want to take a look at porting the ST app - does anyone know how to look at the ST code?

Thanks :blush:


Link the app and dth and I can probably convert them.


When you say link the app, what do you mean? Just want to make sure that I give you the right thing, it would be super cool of you.

Provide a link to the source code for the driver and app.

Looking at their website it looks like they may manage the device in the cloud in which case there wouldn't be a driver source code to download. There may be webhooks that aren't advertised that you could write a driver for but that is beyond my ability for a device I don't have to test with.

It looks like a wifi-ir controller. You could do the same thing with a remotec zxt-600

Yea, that's probably the way I'd go with this.

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yeah, it's essentially a wifi ir-controller with a mobile app for cloud. There is integration in hubitat for the native tcc honeywell setup which is similar but uses the redlink hub vs direct ir control from the device. The problem is that the honeywell setup doesn't offer all the same things as cielo which is why I wanted to use that in place.

Like I said, Remotec zxt-600. I have one and it works well

Sorry if I'm not picking up what you're putting down -- are you saying to switch devices or to just use other pre built code for a remotec zxt-600? I'm not wanting to switch devices, that would totally defeat the point for myself and others in the post.

Well as pointed out above there really isn't an open api for it. Without that it's pretty dead in the water. I was offering an alternative. Its also non cloud based