Chromecast integration: need advice from Hubitat team or project developer

I'm looking for an opinion on a topic of discussion that's already been opened. We're currently trying to understand and solve the problem ourselves. But I don't think it will be enough. We need expert advice. Thank you for considering my request.

I'm looking for an official answer from hubitat or dev about this topic: Chromecast integration playback status - #17 by dfacto

@pgagne Not much happening at the moment with the built in chromecast integration. You should look at the advanced version in Hubitat Package manager. Dev's for that answer quickly.

Searching on Chromecast (and "Chrome Cast" and "Cast" just in case) in HPM doesn't give me any hits. Is it under another name?

Google home community

I have this installed and unless I am missing something big (entirely possible), this app goes the other way only.. this shares Hubitat devices with Google Home, but does not share Google Home devices or Chromecast devices into Hubitat. I use it to make Google Home activate my IR controlled fan via Hubitat and some virtual switches

Correct. Google home devices (as well as siri and echo) integration is one way only. Devices from HE goes to destination (google, siri, echo). The only way to bring a device from them to Hubitat is by either virtual switch or setting up home assistant.