Chromecast integration log error messages for Nest hub

Just noticed my logs are showing errors for a couple of commands for my Nest Hub:

  1. TTS. Sending a speak command gives me this

  1. When using @bptworld's "Send to Hub with CATT" driver, casting a URL shows this:

I believe this is related to the Fuschia OS update which was recently rolled out to first gen Nest hubs and which broke a lot of things. (including cast timeouts)

Any ideas?

This is a driver issue and wouldn't be related to the device itself. I'm not sure what driver you're using, but it looks like it hasn't been updated to match the new specification for the speak() command that Hubitat introduced in 2.2.6. I would start by making sure you're using the latest version of that (assuming this is a custom driver).

You should also verify that it works if you provide only one parameter, the text to speak. This was the only required implementation of this command in the past. If that doesn't work, there may still be a problem--just a different one. :slight_smile:

EDIT: It just occurred to me that you might be using the built-in Chromecast driver, and in that case you'd need to make sure you either upgrade to at least 2.2.6 or go back to an older version of a community app, should such a version exist, that doesn't depend on the "new" commands.

Yes I am.

Also yes, the hub's been on the current for a couple of days.

Just tried again - no error with TTS this time (very strange) but casting still gives rise to the error message in (2) above.

However despite the error message in (2) appearing the cast actually does work (I use CATT to send a dashboard to a Nest hub). I also have a gen 2 nest hub which does not give rise to this error message (this hub hasn't had its firmware updated by google).

I should also clarify (oops) that the error messages are in relation to the built in chromecast audio driver for Nest Hubs (I have the 7 inch versions). The error message (2) in my OP seems to only arise for Fuchsia updated hubs.

Tagging @mike.maxwell FYI. As @bertabcd1234 says mostly likely a driver problem caused by the new nest hub O/S. It's not a critical issue for me as the OS change has created more serious casting problems unrelated to HE, making the nest hub pretty much useless for dashboards.