Chromecast Integration Force Removing Devices


Would it be possible to modify the chromecast app so it doesn't delete devices that are in rules?

Right now, if the app can't find a device on the network (such as it is unplugged, gone offline, or google has randomly changed a chromecast group's IP address) hitting "done" in the app will cause it to remove from HE all the devices it can't find, breaking rules.

I'm spending the day today rebuilding rules from scratch as they are full of broken actions and null if conditions. I've read some of your posts on how bad it is to yank devices out of rules, so I decided to rebuild them versus fixing the broken actions - the null if's seem impossible to completely remove.

It's a beta integration, and I know a lot of the difficulty is caused by Google, but if the integration could at least not delete the devices I could save my rules. If the device is truly gone or it's ip changed by google, I could modify the rule versus rebuilding.

This is annoying. I have to rebuild my rules every 3/4 days... now Iā€™m trying to use the devices and not groups to speak. But when using groups they all speak together, when using devices they lost sync and speak multiple times.

Hope they solve that soon.