Chromecast Integration - Cannot change settings

I had to Nest Audio devices working perfectly with the Chromecast Integration. I noticed today that I could not adjust volume (tried both Vol Up/Down button, and Set Volume). Devices are discoverable, and if I change the Volume in the Google Home App on my phone I see the change reflected in the Device on Hubitat. I have removed devices, removed App, rebooted hub and re-added app, discovered devices. Same results I can see changes reflected but cannot change anything.

What kind of nest devices?

On my displays, I can change the volume anytime. Regardless of MediaSource.

My minis will only change when the MediaSource of the device is Hubitat. I have to have the minis say something first then I can change the volume level. I usually send a few spaces.

My observations are from a few weeks ago when I was working on the integration.

The integration of Fuscia seemed to have changed things. Maybe the Sonos lawsuit too.

I just checked and it's still working as I described above.

Two Nest Audio's. What I just found is that if I did TTS its like it woke them up for Hubitat because after TTS I was able to adjust the volume. Now if I have to do this everytime thats going to be annoying.

Hubitat is not waking up the device, it's grabbing control of it when you send a speak command.

Look at the MediaSource state on the device page. You will see that if it says anything but "Hubitat", you can't change the volume. And to get it to say Hubitat, you have to tell it to say something.

Ok I understand. I guess what I am now wondering is if you want to include these devices in automations then do you have to issue a TTS command before anything else to wake it up?

No. You can just tell it to announce whatever you want, when you want but, you can't change the volume first.

If I need to change the volume of an announcement, I'll send an announcement with only a few spaces in it, and then change the volume, then send another announcement with what I want it to say. I have a short delay between each step. I think it's 1 second.

You MAY be able to send the volume with the second(actual) announcement using the stock driver, I'm not sure. I use a custom driver to send my announcements and it doesn't like having the volume sent with the announcement. I never bothered to figure out why.