Chromecast Integration (beta) - stopped working on Fuchsia devices

With the Google Nest Hubs updating to Fuchsia, it looks like the Chromecast Integration isn't playing nicely with them. :frowning_face:

When running the discovery, they return as 'null (null)'. A device is created though, again as name: Null, label: null.

Then if anything is typed into the speak option, it tries to send it but nothing plays and the uriQ gets stuck.

Seeing this has been in Beta for years now, might be a perfect time to actually work on this integration!

This is from 2019!

While adding new stuff is great, PLEASE don't let the existing integrations suffer.
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Just came back from a Lowe's with a Nest hub v1 in tow. No timeline promises, as usual.


Thank you very much! Let me know if you need any testing. :wink: I have 3 hubs, 1 max, several mini's and even 2 of the Lenovo alarm clocks. :rofl:

Ugh, I wouldn't wish the Fuchsia upgrade on anyone. It turned both of my Nest Hubs into unstable disasters. Randomly dropping wifi, refusing to answer to the wake phrase, swapping PhotoFrame settings at random, missing backgrounds on displays of info... "Feedback" to Google has yielded nothing. I am hoping for an update soon, WAF is plummeting.

That Nest v1 is up and running now; it gets discovered properly and works as expected.
This does look like Fuschia is installed, at least according to this 9to5google article. Am I missing something? The software version on my Nest hub (screenshot below) looks right.

Screenshot 2021-07-06 at 11.43.24 AM

The Fuchsia Operating System version ends in .1406. You may have to be in the Preview Program to get it at this time.

Yeah, you have to enable the preview program, then just wait. No guarantee that it'll update. You'll know when it has be visiting the 'About Device' page and look for the “Operating system version". If you have that line, then you're on Fuchsia.

Yeah, it's been enrolled in preview right after setup was done.
I'll keep checking/rebooting it.

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