Chromecast Integration (beta) Stop Working

Speaking message on my devices was working well till few days ago.
Now Just Stop working

Any idea about it?
Thanks for help

Have you confirmed that it will not receive any commands? Sometimes I have seen TTS stop working, but the device would “unlock” with a volume command…. Have you tried rebooting the Chromecast devices? The Hubitat Hub?

@Sebastien Do you use Chromecast helper or do you use the volume method?


Has your speaker changed ip address? (You should have all devices like that either static or reserved in your DHCP table)

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Both devices have the reserved IP

Sorry i don't understand the queston

Yes i have rebooted both
no control works not even the volume change

Have you tried removing the devices and having the app re-install them? I had a similar issue when I transitioned a hub DB over to a new hub and also changed its IP address. That fixed the same issue for me in that instance.

Be aware that this may have an impact on existing apps that use those devices, so you may want to create and transition to virtual devices before you remove them. (Also part of what I had to do - I used the same (Chromecast Audio) drivers on the virtual device. They didn’t work, but it was just temporary…)

Done it work
THANKS :pray: :grinning:

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@bobbyD @gopher.ny , has something changed in the Chromecast driver, I'm seeing more activity just wondering if you have implemented something to keep them attached?

The last change in that code was at the end of March. What are you seeing?

Just unexpected event on the hub device stats page.
Wondering if I could drop the chromcast helper heartbeat initilise ping

@gopher.ny About Chromecast.

As noted elsewhere, most of my Chromecast devices quit working when I switched routers.

In messing around, I reset one that was busted back to a "reserved" IP address matching the one it had before. PRESTO! It started working again.

So, I'm a bit happier ATM, knowing what messed up my Chromecasts--namely, they get messed up when their IP Address changes, so they need a reserved IP.

Re-running discovery causes the devices to be re-created, which then breaks all the rules.

So, it really would be sweet if there was a a way in the "Beta" Chromecast app to "re-find" all the device IP addresses without recreating all the devices, etc. Some sort of "refresh the IPs".

Even better: when one "vanishes", maybe the app could try to hunt it down in the background?

In any case... it was helpful poking around at the "App's State" to see the IPs in there--that let me confirm I was setting them back properly (I had saved a list from my old router, just in case).


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Not sure about re-discovery, there likely are some pitfalls, but at least editing an IP should be easy enough to add. Usual no promises policy applies.


You normally can just rerun the app and it will find any Chromecast devices on the network again, even if their IP's have changed. Having said that, it's for sure better to fix their IPs.

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I'm still not able to make the Chromecast working
Can someone help me please?

This is the log :
2021-08-30 11:38:11.814 errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toInteger() on null object on line 293 (method setVolume)

Use a different volume command

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How i can use a different volume control?

The volume is the only thing it work
i see the volume bar change but nothing else happen

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