Chromecast Integration (beta): Google Home Minis working fine, Google Nest Minis not working

Hello All, I'm a fairly new Hubitat user and (after having let Zigbee mesh stabalise) I have been setting up my new smart home.

I have managed to get my three Google Home Minis to work via Chromecast Integration (beta) app without any problem and I can get them to 'speak', though for some reason my two (newly purchased for Hubitat use) Google Nest Minis won't.

When the Nest version are discovered Hubitat assigns them as Chromecast Video devices initially, though I have changed them to Chromecast Audio and made sure the settings are the same as the Google Home Minis.

Does anyone have any advice to get them working?

I have deleted them and re-added them a few times. Initialising and refreshing doesn't do anything observable.

something is up lately. I've read many threads about google integration and people having issues over the last couple weeks. Sorry I don't have a solution, but know you're not alone.
Try searching our forums

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Thanks and yes, I'd read through a few threads about Chromecast Integration, though most of them seemed to be 'not working at all' or 'messages only sometimes getting through'. I was hoping that because it is working 100% with the Home Minis and 0% with the Nest Minis that it might just be something I needed to change in Hubitat.

After a Github/Hubitat newbie-error (I was looking in drivers rather than apps) I installed Chromecast Helper by the fantastic @bptworld. That appears to have fixed the issue and now both Home and Nest are working. Thank you @bptworld

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