Chromecast Integration (beta) crashing?

Hello there. I seem to be having an issue with Chromecast Integration. I recently created a rule to play a doorbell chime thru a couple of Nest Mini speakers in my house. It seems to work perfectly fine for approx 12 hours. After some period of time, the sound will no longer play on speakers. It seems to be approx 12 hours or so before it stops working. If I reboot Hubitat, it will work fine again for another 12 hours.

It seems the button works. It always triggers the text notification on my phone, even when the chime fails. If I go into the rule and try to manually trigger the action to play the sound, it fails. However, I notice no log activity at all when I check Chromecast Integration, which makes me think the internal app has simply crashed and is no longer reporting logs or functioning at all.

Any ideas if there is a solution to this problem?

Here's a screenshot of the rule and action that seems to fail.

What if you turn on logging for the rule, to capture events and actions.

Just did, then attempted to "Run Actions" on the doorbell chime rule. No sound. No log activity at all since lastnight:

After going to live logs and turning off the filter, I can see the "attempt" to play the chime, but nothing is playing at all. If I reboot the hub, it will work fine.

What if you try turning on any logging available for the device? Not sure if there is any...

Here's the log for the Nest Mini (Office Speaker). You can see that I enabled logs, and then I went back to the device page to play the chime manually via the device page, AND went to the doorbell rule and ran the actions from there. As you can see, the Office Speaker shows NO activity since yesterday afternoon, except the entry to show that debug logging was enabled.

At this point, NONE of my Nest/Chromecast devices show any current stats when I view their device pages. For example, if I am watching Netflix on my Office Chromecast, it shows idle, not playing anything. I cannot adjust the volume or mute from the devices pages. It seems like the Chromecast Integration app is completely non-functional at the moment.

I (and I think others) have had issues like loss of connectivity in the past. I have not used the Chromecast integration for a while now myself. You may want to chat with the HE dev's, I think @gopher.ny may be the one... Apologies if I'm wrong...

@a.mcdear Can you confirm you your hub has internet connectivity (turn off your wifi on your phone and go to and see if it's there)

If so can you set a reservation for all your google stuff and your hub in your router's DHCP settings? Also what version of the platform are you on?

Yes, Hubitat does have internet access. All devices on my iot network have static addresses (via reservations from DHCP server), including Hubitat and all google/nest devices.

I am on the latest platform (2.3.4-130) on a C5 Hubitat.

So, this is odd. I decided to make a "group" within Google Home app on my phone. The group essentially just bundles the two Nest Mini speakers into a single device. I went to Chromecast Integration, added the new "group" to Hubitat as a device. Now, the doorbell properly chimes when I use the "group" as the playback device. Good. However, I still cannot communicate with the two Nest Mini's independently...

Have you tried clicking initialize on the the Chromecast devices? From memory there is a command for that on the Device page....

Yes. OK, so I hit initialize on the device page for a particular Nest speaker, and then it does seem to "wake up", allow me to change volume or mute/unmute, but it still will not play the chime on the individual device. When I play the chime to the "group", both speakers play the chime as you'd expect.

I'm kinda starting to wonder if this is just a bug with the new "Google Home PREVIEW" version I've just started using on my phone. I know they have made some behind the scenes changes because I have heard that people's "Google Home Routines" don't work after moving to the new Preview version of Google Home on their phones. I don't actually use Google's Routine functionality so I didn't think there would be any issues for me, but maybe this is the issue?

I suppose as long as the "speaker group" keeps working, then I suppose I'll just use that as the doorbell is literally the only reason I have Chromecast Integration installed at all. So maybe this workaround will just be the way forward here.. But, I have a feeling that by tomorrow this will probably not work again. I will report back if it stops working again.


Have you thought about using the google community integration in Hubitat Package Manager? It is much more full featured and may help you out in this strange situation.

No, I haven't. I will have to look into this. I've seen Hubitat Package Manager mentioned a few times but am unfamiliar with it and I didn't see it in the built-in Apps list. I'll search here for that now. Thanks!

It's a community app. You can find the link to it in this thread..

Thanks, I've installed it and found that some drivers were out of date. Before I install the Google Home Community app, I just want to verify that this will do what I'm trying. It appears that this is a replacement for the built-in "Google Home" app which provides Hubitat devices to the Google Home ecosystem. Can you confirm whether or not this also serves to replace the "Chromecast Integration" app, which provides Hubitat access to the devices with Chromecast capabilities to Hubitat.