Chromecast (beta) list of commands

Hello all, I've finally gotten around to reintegrating my Shield TV (Chromecast) with HE. I'm trying to have the TV turn on (CEC is enabled) through Hubitat triggers. On the screen below, if I type send a Speak command, the TV will turn on and say whatever I've typed. Ok so this is a decent way of getting the TV to turn on, although it doesn't exactly land on the page I want, but it's acceptable.

Are there any other commands within the Chromecast integration (like a back command, or a Home command) that would allow me to have the Chromecast end up on the correct menu?


As far as I understand it, the Chromecast integration has a limited set of commands. I am not aware of anyone using it to control a television.

There is a Harmony integration that can do some of that, but with Logitech having discontinued Harmony, unless you already have one of those remotes, it might not be an option.

Yeah, agree I think it is not possible to do much using the Chromecast driver. I stumbled upon the Sony TV REST API on this forum having purchased one of their TV's. It wasn't a factor in my purchase, but honestly Im so impressed with it that I will only be buying Sony TVs from hereonin. It's absolutely stunning. Can control more or less everything. What TV do you have? There are community solutions on here for Samsung and LG but both appear to have issues (including difficulty with switching the TV on).

Hope you can find a way to get your TV under control! An alternative might be to switch your Chromecast for a Roku stick because there is also an epic driver for those devices on here too although I didn't test it myself.

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Hi all, thanks for the input. I've actually already got the TV to turn on. I do that by sending a Test to Speech command. On the Device, there is a Stop button. When that Stop button is pressed, the Shield TV goes to the main menu, which is exactly what I want. The problem in that the Stop command doesn't seem to be available from Rule Machine.

The best I can offer is that I issue the command verbally via my Google Nest / Home speakers "Hey Google, turn off Living Chromecast" to turn off the TV in the Living Room. How to achieve this through HE, I'm not sure. I should setup some rules that make use of my Harmony setup like @Sebastien referred to, but if you can issue any verbal commands automatically, that is what I use.


Have you tried “Run Custom Actions” in RM - is it not available in there either?

Ahhh, I am not familiar with the 'Run Custom Actions'. I'll pay around with it. Is there a tutorial somewhere?

Not sure about tutorials - I learned most of this by trial and error…

When you select “Run Custom Actions” and you have selected your ChromeCast Device, you should see all the available commands. You won’t need to add a parameter type. Just click on “Done with action”.

I've tried using Run Custom Actions, but I can only use 'Music Players' my Chromecast does not show up in the list.

It should show up under “Speech Device” or “Actuator”.

Screen Shot 2021-11-21 at 09.52.57
Found it. Wonderful.

Working as expected.

Thanks so much for the help!

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That turns the TV off?!?

No, it puts the Shield TV on the main menu.

Basically I send a text to speech command, and then hit the stop button which put the Shield on the main menu. That way, when we sit down, the TV is on and set on the main menu.

Makes sense.

Has anyone been able to get a RM http post to work to control up, down, left, right, select to work?

Not sure if you found this or not but sending a play track followed with a stop also turns it on and changes to the menu screen. Might be faster than the tts and stop. It's about a second faster for me. You don't need to send a string either.

Brilliant, I'll try that too. So far, the TTS String 'Enjoy the show' is really creeping out my wife.

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Creeping out the wife is the best part of home automation. The google speakers are always talking trash to my wife.


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