Chromecast Beta device number

I get an error quite oftem from this app but don't know how the device numbers are enumerated so I can locate the errant device.
Where do I cross reference device "479"? I don't see it in the app settings where the devices and IP's are listed.
app:2982021-08-22 17:21:17.224 warndeviceNotFound: Device '479' not found


If it's not there you should check app298 (click where it says warn) and see what it's referring to. If the device is legitimate, it's ip addr may have changed. In that case note the ip the app is looking to notify and then set up a dhcp reservation in your router. If the device is not legitimate that app298 is looking for, alter the app to stop looking for it.

This is a My Bad :wink:
Blinders on this early, the error was in Google Home and I was off in lalaland in Chromecast Integration.
Found 2 devices unticked, probably when I rerun the discovery in Chromecast app (when it stops working) and I forget to re-tick them back into Google Home.

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Glad it's fixed!

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