Chromecast Audio idea

When Google announced they were dropping the Chromecast Audio device, I ordered one at the $15 price. I think they are still available. Looking for a way to integrate it into HE, I found an old Bluetooth transmitter in my drawer similar to this: I paired the device to my Echo, plugged the Chromecast into the BT transmitter, and I can now make announcements from HE!

So far, I have a morning greeting playing when motion is first detected in my kitchen every morning, as well as an announcement when each of us arrive home.

Chromecast support is built into Hubitat. Clever workaround, but not needed as you can send messages directly to your Chromecast Audio device without using Echo as an intermediary.

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I think he is using the Echo as the playback speaker and not an intermediary.
He -> Chromcast Audio -> Echo speaker (via BT)

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Derp, you are right. My mistake :man_facepalming:

Yes, but Echo is the only powered speaker I have. I had the BT transmitter in a drawer.

I misunderstood your original post, thought you were sending messages from Hubitat to Echo then to Chromecast. Sorry about that.

Sad to see Google drooping the audio Chromecast. I purchased 3 of them on black friday and connect them to my multi channel amp. I also switch from Apple music to Google music and I use Google homes assistants. It is great just to say "hey google" play my rock playlist on my patio speakers. I did add them to my Hubitat, but couldn't figure out and control functions. I should but a couple more before they run out.

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