Chrome Extension - Trigger Outlet when Audio plays in Chrome

So I spent about 4 hours this afternoon researching and learning how to create an Extension in Chrome with the purpose of turning on my PC Amp when audio starts playing in Chrome.

Which meant I needed to learn how to create plugins, some Java Script, how to store data in Chrome, create some form of UI to store the Hubitat Creator API URL, get requests and subscribing to soudn events in Chrome.

Unfortunately after doing all this, I realised that my amp when powered on from the wall turns on in standby mode, so was a waste of time for this task but hopefully may be useful in the future!

I'm only posting here as if it's useful to anyone or anyone has any ideas of other use cases then let me know and I'll share the basic solution I have!


Awesome, would you mind posting your code for others to learn from?
Love this idea. Could imagine hooking up an LED or something for when in Google Meet calls


Here you go, it's pretty simple, but a good starting point for anyone interested. If anyone does use it I'd appreciate if you link back here your project or at least share what you did with it!

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