Chrome "buttons" Extension

Does anyone know of a chrome extension that allows you to put buttons in the toolbar that will call a URL? Wanting to create something like the CHROMEHUE extension that controls hubitat.

Every link calls a url. The outcome of which for Chrome is usually the opening of a webpage. So, you could just put links in the bookmarks bar and use those. Are you looking for a solution that will call the URL in the background and not open a webpage? How will you know that the task was executed?

You can use the MakerAPI to send HTTP request with the command. But isn't that just the dashboard? I mean if you add all those devices with their commands isn't it easier to just make a button to open the dashboard saves your a lot of work. Like I have a chrome extention with the weather I see the weather in my bar, but if I click on it opens a windows with extra info, that window should open the HE dashboard like in mobile view,