Child tracker


I use Life360 and the community hubitat integration for a few simple bits.

Hoping to add the eldest (5 Yr old) into the mix, preferably with an inexpensive smart watch, also using Life360. At the moment my best attempt involves an old android phone in her schoolbag but something more 'wearable' would be ace.

I know there are various child trackers around, but the intention is to stick with hubitat (and Life360) integration.

Any cool ideas? TiA!

This is what we did. Following this thread to see if there are other options.

I am not sure if they are available in the UK but what about an Apple Airtag

It doesn't require a cell subscription. Its small and doesn't use much battery. Both of my grandkids (backpacks) are equipped and they work great.

Looks like Joibit is Life360's choice of wearable. But as a father of 7 yr old twins, good luck with getting them to wear it outside of going to school... that's been my problem with child tracking or even implementing something like it for presence. For something to work, they've gotta use it.

Edit: also... pricey.

Thanks guys. Airtag is interesting, but not android. Jiobit is way too expensive.

Looks like it's an android phone and a 1pmobile sim card :smiley:

Just a thought but have you looked a dementia tracker device, (An even harder sell to the kids! :rofl:) there seems to be a bigger choice but no Life360 integration:

Not if have it surgically implanted in them. :wink:

Tile is similar to Airtag and works with android and iOS. Also seems to be part of the Amazon Sidewalk system.

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