Child Proofing needed

We badly need help in child proofing the system. I have done some of this by using rules. ad drivers. Such as kids turning on flood lights in the daytime. Forcing them back off and notifying the parents. Now Im running into lights and switches being turned off and on over and over. Some devices will unpair because of this. Now im going to have to build a rule to count how long a device was on before it gets turned off in order to play alarms and notices so the culprit can be caught in the act. I would really help and be a selling point if something like this was just built in the hub. Some type of abuse detection system.

A friend w/a similar problem wired his switches on in the box and disconnected the switches and left them in place. So they operated but didn't do anything.

Then he set up smart buttons too high on the wall for the kids to reach and put smart bulbs/LEDs, etc., in all of the fixtures/locations to provide lighting controlled by the buttons.

Good news - evil children thwarted w/out having to break their arms (his wife's idea). :wink:

Bad news - if the hub is down, no light control.

He only had to do this for a subset of switches that had gained his kids' attention for some reason. Other parts of the house he was able to leave things as they were.


If the switches can also be used as a button device or a scene capable switch, then you could create a rule that only allows the switches to do anything at certain times.

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Physical stops? Make the switch only function if the unlock is hit first.

Small diy IR (short range) unlock installed out of reach which adults could wave their hand over first to enable.

Too much hassle for me though.

Simple webcore rule would allow the switch to temp-disable if there have been x actions in x minutes.

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This should not happen, though. Guards over switches or upgrading the switches to models that can disable physical actuation comes to mind, next . There are several brands that offer this feature. Then you create rules to only turn on/off the lights based on time/modes...

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