Checking status of locks at night

On ST, I had a webcore piston that would perform a check of all locks at night, and attempt to lock if any of the doors was unclocked. It would then wait, and then check again to see if any of the doors was unlocked. This time around, it would send me a message and stop executing.
I never had this rule quite figured out. Things I wanted to do, but had not figured out how to do

  1. Inform me specifically which of the four doors were not locked (could be more than one). Because I could not figure this out, I would just send a regular message saying "at least one of your doors is unlocked". I also performed a lock action on all four locks, because I did not know which one was unlocked
  2. Inform me the piston could not communicate with one of the doors. I did not know how to accomplish this.

Is it possible to accomplish the original rule and both my unaccomplished tasks in RM?


I think you will need 2 rules. I think this will work but not tested yet. I am no expert in RM so there will definitely a better way out there.
First rule is to check the lock and lock the lock. Also start the second rule if the lock is still unlock.
Pause the second rule if lock is lock.

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I would also add contact sensors into the checking rules. Because otherwise you could end up with a door that is ajar, and locked, but not really secure...