Check light setting first

I have a rule that dims my lights throughout the evening. The problem, however is that sometimes we will GoTo bed before the dimming starts. I would like an option in the rule to check the current setting of a light, if a light is off then skip a rule. This would allow us to manually turn off a light and then the rule would end for the night.

Post a copy of your existing rule...

You probably need to make a new trigger (or revise the one you have), and apply that to the rule.

If Bedroom light is off between 10 PM and 2 AM
Then exit rule

Then your old rule after this.

Would modes perhaps be a better alternative to checking the light state, i.e. set the mode in HE to night when you got to bed and then incorporate a check of the mode into your rule?


And cancel the rule when the mode changes to night

Simple, add a simple condition at the top of the rule.

IF (light switch is OFF) THEN EXIT RULE.

If you have delays in the rule then also add cancel delays before the exit.

I don’t see this option in the Simple Lighting app, I would have to use the other rule machine or am
I missing something? If not seems a good
Feature for the lighting app.

There is not an option for that in Simple Lighting. You would have to set this up in a Rule Machine rule in order to have the additional conditions you mention.