Cheapest Zigbee/Z-Wave relay switch modules for AU?

I need to automate some of my outdoor power points, and I'm a bit out of the loop with what's available in Zigbee/Z-Wave these days. What's the cheapest relay switch module I can get a hold of that is certified for AU?

Before anyone suggests Shelly Wifi modules, I'm really don't want anything Tuya Wifi based due to security, and I don't have the patience/intelligence to muck around with flashing. :blush:

Cheap? There's really nothing "cheap" that is worth installing in your walls, unfortunately.

I went with the Aeotec nano range of z-wave switches and dimmers behind Clipsal Iconic Switch plates and momentary mechs.

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You could go the Nue range of power outlets. They’re Zigbee but you’d want to find a protected outdoor housing.

Based on his wording, I think he’s after in-wall modules, not whole switch replacements.

Nice. Last year when we built our house Clipsal said there was no momentary mech in the Iconic range that could be used with the in-wall modules. We used Clipsal C2000 momentary switches, which are OK but not great. Also used Aeotec nano relays and dimmers everywhere. Very unimpressed with Aeotec, especially the dimmers.

As dJOS mentioned I'm looking for in-wall relay modules to use with existing weather-proof outlets. I saw that Nue have a Zigbee in-wall module on their website, but I can't find anyone selling it.

I’m not sure why they told you that, these mechs got released at the same time as the rest of their Iconic range.

Take a look at Fibaro modules, many folk prefer them. Tbh I’m quite happy with the Aeotec units so far.

It pains me to say it but Amazon look to have the best DEAL for the Aeotec Nano Switch on/Off Controller, l can find at the moment at $59 each.

[THIS] (Tuya ZigBee 3.0 Smart Light Switch Module Smart Life/Tuya Wireless Re – Moes) one is not certified but it is very well made with quality parts.

Yeah I couldn't quite believe it. I went back a few months later and they said the same thing. This was at their Melbourne HQ/showroom. Quite frustrating as I really wanted the Iconic switches.

Yeah I've got a few Fibaro RGBW modules for strip lighting and have never had an issue with them. The Fibaro (and Aeotec) modules are so expensive though. It's been a year since I bought the Aeotecs... I was hoping that by now the Sonoff $10 Zigbee modules would've been certified by now.

Doesn't look like it's AU certified. You got me a bit excited there at $23! :joy:


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