Cheap Zigbee Leak Sensor

I purchased a cheap Zigbee Leak Sensor on Amazon and there does not seem to be a driver for it. It is an eMylo but I suspect it is a standard Tuya Zigbee leak sensor. Does anyone know if there is a driver for this?

Here is the sensor.

Have you tried pairing it yet?
If so, what does it join as?

I recently added a leak sensor that joined as a 'Device'.
I changed the driver to 'Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor' and saved.
I then re-paired it again and it was discovered as a known device and the device is working OK. Might be worth a try.

It joins as device and I have tried all of the Generic Moisture sensors.

Oh dear.
The only other thing I can suggest is if the driver is 'Device', open a new window in your browser and select 'Logs'.
Now press select Get Info on the device page.
In your logs this will then print out the device information.
HE then may be able to add the device fingerprint to the Generic Zigbee Moister Sensor.
If you do post the information tag mike.maxwell and ask if it's possible to add.

Will do. Thank you for the response.

Did you do a « configure » after each driver changes? That could make a difference…


I have a couple of them, They will work with the built in "generic zigbee moisture sensor" driver. But they do not report temperature.


I will give that a shot.

Perfect. That worked.

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Any time you change a device's driver, hit the Configure button so the device gets properly configured. :slight_smile:


I gave it a try. It always showed the device as "Wet". I only speculated that it was a Tuya device because a lot of the no name stuff is. I guess this one was not.

It does work with the Zigbee Moisture sensor and I ignore the temperature; which the device does not have.

Thank you very much for your efforts.

Final comment I'd have is that leak sensors are one place where I believe it makes sense prioritize quality/reliability rather than price. The downside of a contact sensor not firing is a little inconvenince (light doesn't turn on or off) but if your leak sensor goes offline, or doesn't report when wet, there can be very significant consequences.

These Centralite sensors are based on a time-tested design and at $29 on Amazon are reasonably priced.

Good thread here on leak sensor options:


These ones for now.

They work with the Zigbee Moisture sensor - You have to configure it to that device for it work.

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I will purchase these Centralite sensors in the future as recommended.

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I took a Sonoff Contact sensor, unsoldered the magnetic relay then soldered two wires and set that up as my water sensor. Works well but shows up as a contact sensor. Another cheap option but requires that modification.

That is adventurous. I need commercial solutions so I will stick with Zigbee water sensors.

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