Cheap Wifi based door and water leak sensor that support HUB C7

I am looking for cheap wifi door sensor and water leak sensor for my house. I tried zigbee but due to concrete walls, zigbee is not suitable solution for my place.

Please advice which contact sensor and water leak sensor support Hub C7.

This page list all currently supported devices. There is a search option. Currently that is only Z-wave and Zigbee.

@omair.misbah I have concrete walls and don't have an issue. The key is repeaters. If you don't have a strong mesh it will always be problematic, concrete walls or not. Also I'll point out that zigbee and wifi run on 2.4ghz so you may still have problems


I cringe when I hear the word "cheap" for such a critical role of leak sensor etc. I would go with "reliable fairly priced" leak sensor.


@ronv42 is 100% spot on. I wasted about 200.00 on "cheap" xiaomi sensors, so cheap cost me 200.00. They fell off and wreaked havoc on my mesh. The third reality zigbee sensors are reasonably priced and work. And @rlithgow1 is correct, zigbee and wifi are both 2.4gHz so any interference will affect both. I find a breadcrumb trail of repeaters helps. I have a zigbee repeater at the top of the basement stairs, another at the bottom of the stairs and another at the far end(an XBee). So even thought I have 12 inch solid concrete basement walls, my signal is still good. I have 2 more under the front porch, and one in the crawlspace. And that's just Zigbee. I have another 12 for Z-wave.
If EMF is bad for you, I'm in big trouble.

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