Cheap solution : LED strip motion lighting


I’m looking for a cost effective.way to have some strip lighting underneath bedside tables that come on with motion. There are various ways this could obviously be achieved but has anyone come up with any ultra low cost creative options ?


Color or white only? I've done kitchen cabinets for under$100 full color.

What’s ultra-low to you? There’s pretty consistently some MagicHome RGB devices on amazon for $15 with lights, controller, and power supplies. Then, it’s just a matter of choosing your favorite Motion Sensor. I’ve been buying the Iris v1 devices, or the v2s, for a good price. Like $5/ea.

That would bring the total cost to $15-$20 per 5m of light :slight_smile: And extra RGB is cheap. Even the RGB/CCT are coming down in price, but that’s a different topic (if you’re interested).

Edit: $18 for 10m

Hi. Will these work with Hubitat and if so, can you control the color? Ive recently bought a giderwel zigbee rgbw controller and while i can get it to connect, i cant control the color on the device page or on the dashboard.
If these work fit 15 each including power supply and light buying a bunch of them. Thanks. Mac

What driver are you using with them?

Hi Adam. On the road for a few days so can’t log on. I used what driver it picked when I paired. Any thoughts on what I should use? And to be honest. I didn’t know you could change drivers. Thanks.

I’d try Generic Zigbee RGBW, first. If that doesn’t work, Generic Zigbee RGB. I’ve had a few Zigbee controllers initialize to the wrong driver at first—I should probably have sent those thumbprints to Mike. Whoops.

Keep us in the loop once you get to try out out—it’d be great to hear that you got it all working!