Cheap RGBCCT Zigbee Lightbulbs

Just recieved my new Zigbee coloured light bulbs from Aliexpress.

AU $28.37 23%OFF | ZIGBEE LED Bulb E27 E26 RGBCCT 6W 12W Dimmable Smart Light AC 110V 220V Smartphone APP Control LED Lamp Work with Alexa Echo

These bulbs seem to be made by Gledopto. I also use there zigbee led strip controllers without hassle.

I struggle to pay phillips hue prices, so I looked for an alternative in my price range and came across these. Shipping times where pretty good to Australia and took about 12 days.

Setup was straight forward and detected straight away. Changed the driver to generic zigbee rgbw bulb.

Function wise they work fine. Lots of colours, whites ranging from cool to warm. Only negative is when changing the brightness or level from the dashboard, it doesn't go straight to the set amount and requires a couple of presses. Not sure if this will also be the case with simple lighting app and will find out soon.

Overall I'm happy with these well priced bulbs


Not being an expert on what makes a light a good repeater I would keep these to the Hue Bridge. That's where I have my GLEDOPTO controllers, and they work great there.

I'd advice anybody looking at this to not expect them to work well on Hubitat directly... But they could, who knows...

I don't have a Hue hub. The bulbs are to extensive so I steered away from the hue bulbs and hub.

With a few days usage under my belt now, one thing I have noticed running the Gledopto bulbs, in one room I have 2 bulbs. Some scenes have the bulbs with different colours and levels and other scenes have same colour and level. When switching to a scene where the bulbs are meant to do the same thing, the colours and levels don't actually match 100%. On scenes where the bulbs are doing different things, it seems fine, but im guessing that I'm not getting the exact settings. I just don't notice because I can't compare the bulbs to anything.

I wonder where the problem is and if going through the hue hub would fix the problem

Make yourself a group using the groups and scenes app, include all of these bulbs in that group, and enable zigbee group messaging.
Use the color commands in the group virtual device driver to change the colors.
Any differences between the bulbs will be evident.