Cheap plugs for xmas lights

suggestion on cheap, but reliable, plugs I can pack away and use when I set up my xmas lights. Guessing zigbee so I don't have to repair my z-wave mesh. (So I read somewhere in the community)


I've had good luck with the Tradfri and new Sengled NB7 plugs.
I'm liking the Sengleds more as they include a power switch on the device and they also have power reporting capability (if you want to use it).

Or if you are looking for even cheaper, you can look at Kasa smart plugs. They offer both indoor and outdoor plugs for very affordable prices. Neither zigbee nor z-wave but they work with hubitat. Indoor plug listed below.

I second the Sengled NB7 plugs. Orders the 4 pack last month for the exact same use. Work great.

I use the Kasa plugs. They’re Wi-Fi so they wont really be missed when they get packed up with everything else.

I use these outdoor but in outlet covers.

I just bought a few of these because they were cheap ($10 US) and they are small enough so you can insert two of them in the same wall outlet. They easily pair up with Hubitat as a Generic Zigbee Outlet.

SONOFF S31 Lite 15A Zigbee Smart Plug ETL Certified, Works with SmartThings, and Amazon Echo Plus, Hub Needed for Amazon Alexa (1-Pack) - -

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I hadn't thought of it that way. I usually hate wifi plugs, but that could be their one redeeming factor for holiday use.

I generally hate them as well but have a half dozen for decorations and remote hub reboots.

New: Changed mind and going with sengled which had two votes! And, UL certified.

Thanks Everyone. Going with the kasa's. 26 bucks for 4 plugs and a reasonable excuse to use wifi. Yes, please. Great info and truly appreciate the extremely fast replies.

Kasas are good it you just remove them there will be tons.of calls.via the kasa app continually trying to.communicate with the removed plug. You will need to remove it.from the kasa app and hubitat as well so they really don't give you any benefit over zigbee or wave like mentioned.

Good point -- so I think the easiest solution with the least amount of overhead steers me over to one of the zigbee versions. I haven't used any zigbee devices yet but it seems, based on my reading, that they can more easily be added and removed from HE, unlike the z-wave. And, like you said, no APP and if I just remove them from the app and all, I probably need to reset them up again on wifi each year.

Not that I don't like kasa I have quite a few but use them on things I want wifi/app access as well as hub access. Like my wifi router and modem (they are on a secondary att access pt wifi network). Also the one on the hub itself

I am new to HE and only have one z-wave device. After getting your other info, it made better sense to me to try out Zigbee to learn about it. I am thinking I will not pack them away but find another use for them the rest of the 11 months. Telling google and alexa to just turn on my bookcase is getting old. :grinning: Have a great holiday.

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You cannot just put one or a couple of wave or zigbee plugs outdoors and expect them to work well unless you hub is close by. You normally need a mesh
network of. devices and outdoors is particularly hard to reach without extenders/repeaters usually just inside the wall where your outdoor ones live.