Cheap/bulk Water/Leak Sensors?

I haven't had them resetting after wet, but to be honest they've only gotten wet a few times. Once for real with a real leak and the others me just testing.

So given my needs, I do recommend them, just not the price. I'm happier with the SmartThings ones even though they churn through batteries much faster.

The issue I did once have is them just completely dropping off of my network and i had no idea.
I then realized the issues was the same issue I've had with other sensors (even more door lock) where sometimes you never get a battery is low alert.

Something like reporting 80% batter for 9 months straight then boom, dead.

To solve for that (and other sensors), I run @bptworld's awesome Device Watchdog app in "activity mode" which runs every morning at 1:30am for me and tells me if a device has not reported back to the hub within the last 2 days (48 hours).

I've found numerous sensors I thought were humming along nicely, no longer connected due to battery (or rarely, lost off of my meshes).

(I also use his app to set a "battery activity" as well to alert me daily if any batteries are below 50%)

Hard to beat the ThirdReality Zigbee sensors for solid value and performance. I tested Zooz and some others in the $20 range and they stunk. ThirdReality have been rock solid and right in that $20 spot. I've mentioned this in several places; hopefully the admins don't think I'm some kind of shill! :grimacing: Just happy with the result is all. I have some Aeotec 7's but those are like $50 each, so they fall out of the "cheap bulk leak sensor" range.


Linkind Water Leak Detectors?

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Linkind Water Leak Detectors?

Hadn't seen those, thanks for the link. With the $3 coupon, that puts these way down at $13.

With the AAA batteries and audio alarm, looks like these function similar to the ThirdReality ones I've been touting. I'm going to get a 4 pack and see how they work.

I also notice that they have a low cost contact sensor that looks pretty nice. Might be a good company to start following!

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Cool! Yeah I just did the same as well..

edit: Literally JUST delivered! Such service! (I ordered a few days ago)

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Interesting. One of the reviews mention the screws on the bottom are the sensor contacts, and they are recessed. I would think getting the version with the dripping attachment (for $1 more) would help. Do you have that?

EDIT: I just read the whole review thread, and I see the recessed contacts is mentioned a bit: Review: ThirdReality Zigbee Water Leak Sensor with 120 dB siren alarm


The 4 pack is listed as $54 with a $10 coupon, making them $11 each. I just bought a pack.


Just paired - showed up as a "Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor (no temp)" but changed it to "Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor" and tested - works great. Alarm is a little weak but thats fine.

edit: battery hasn't reported since the driver change so we'll see..


Same. Phenomenal deal and the build quality and features look about like the ThirdReality ones. Will report back on how these work on Thurs or Fri.

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I actually didn't know that existed until you just pointed it out. I need another couple dozen to cover every sink, toilet, mech room corners, etc. everywhere so I'll try that style next time. I do prefer high sensitivity, so that little strip of metal is worth it for me. My current six (6) are just the regular $19 one.

The three common complaints where:

  1. The recessed screws
  2. No default driver support
  3. A little bigger than some of the small sexy coin sized devices

None of these are really an issue for me.

The screws are really long, close to an inch, and they don't have to be in tight for the cover to be closed tightly, so there is plenty of room to back them out. I backed all three screws out until the metal protrudes past the plastic casing slightly. In my testing, it picked up water instantly with no problem.

The driver was also a non-issue. The Generic Zigbee Moisture sensor does the job perfectly.

Yes, it won't fit under your washer machine, but for all of the common places you want to detect moisture (toilets, sinks, mech rooms, a/c units) it's small enough to fit behind things are be unnoticeable. The Zooz ones that gave me fits were tiny and cute, but they didn't work!

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Does it report temperature? If it doesn't report something daily, then Device Activity Check can't monitor it for liveliness, and will instead have to depend upon the battery reporting (which I don't prefer).

No it does not appear to... In my case using underneath the sinks it's fine though.

I'm not seeing the 4-pack at Amazon or at the ThirdReality store on Amazon. There is a package of other sensors and a hub, but no sign of the water leak 4-pack or $10 coupon. Anyone have a link?

Its the Linkind not Third Reality sensors..

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To follow up - battery reported this morning.. showing 100% so not sure if working or not but we'll see over the coming weeks. Not worried at this point...

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I bought and installed 4 of these sensors about a couple months ago and had my first reported event yesterday. The drain for the wash machine apparently got clogged enough for water to seep through the wall and out the baseboard. If was a small leak that probably would have gone unnoticed, at least for a while. The sensor picked up on the leak immediately and hubitat done the rest. Needless to say, thankful for this sensor! Works great- paired easy, has an audible alarm and is very inexpensive. Right now $13.99 with the $3 discount coupon on Amazon or you can get the 4-pk for $50.99 with the $3 discount coupon.


Awesome - thanks for the heads up! Yeah I just got the 4 pack deal as well. So far only installed one under the kitchen sink. Working on the others now. They are kinda large but for my purposes thats okay.

The ThirdReality stuff looks great too albeit more expensive - I do like the form factor of those.

Hopefully Linkind and ThirdReality will be the "good" kind of inexpensive HA devices..

Has anyone resolved the "reporting in regularly" challenge? Even if it only reports battery once a day that's good enough to know if it fell off the network.

The Linkind sensors seem to be reporting once a day or so.. :crossed_fingers:

Still a little early tho..


All 4 of mine have reported battery value every 16 hours since I added them (3 data points on each of 4 devices). If that keeps up, these will be great for me, as that makes them good to monitor with Device Activity Check.


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