Changing voice on Google Home device

Hi, I'm pretty new to Hubitat and having fun noodling around.

I have successfully used 'Chromecast Integration (Beta)' to get one of my Google Home devices to say something silly when something gets triggered. When I am in the device page for that Google Home device, there is an option under "Speak" with "Russell" as the default "Voice Name". I can change to other voices, and when I click "Speak" it uses the new voice. But I am unable to save a new voice. Once I leave the Google Home device page and click back into it, I'm back with Russell again.

Grateful for any guidance on how to get rid of Russell.

Try changing the Default Text to Speech (TTS) Voice on the Hubitat Settings>>Hub Details page.

Welcome to the HE community!


That worked. And I have now discovered the Hub Details page.

Thanks, @Sakman !