Changing the trigger value within the rule

Morning @bravenel, hopefully an easily answered question for ya. You've probably already answered this but I cannot find the correct search term to find it.

I have a rule that's triggered on a virtual dimmer value change. During the course of the rule I limit the min/max to 15/85, which all works fine. But I'd like to also update the virtual dimmer value at the end of the rule so it matches the resultant value and looks right on the dashboard. So the question is, if I update the value of the virtual dimmer within the rule that it triggers then will it re-trigger the same rule again or will it be ignored since the rule is already running? Thanks and happy holidays!

It will retrigger your rule.

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What @steve.maddigan said is correct. Triggers have nothing to do with what a rule might or might not be doing; a rule can be triggered multiple times. Any event that matches the defined trigger will cause the rule to run.

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OK, thanks!