Changing State Variables

Hi I have some issues with my qubino din dimmers.

Some are just not responding others are working absolutely fine. The only difference I can see is that the state variables listed on the device page is different but I have no idea how to change it!!!

Screen Shot 2021-05-22 at 15.45.22

The ones that are working the isDigital parameter is false.


try removing it and re-pairing it

I'm not sure this will actually solve your problem, but you can clear those via a custom command in the "Device" driver (choose that under "Type" on the device page, save, run the command, then switch back). Otherwise, I might suggest re-pairing as suggested above, which stands a better chance at fixing anything.

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Ive tried reconnecting about 50 times, factory reset does nothing. This is just a guess as its the only thing that's different and its the same with all the modules that are unresponsive.

Sorry for my stupidity but what the hell is a custom command and how do I actually do that sorry am very new to all this

nothing like that here.....

You need to switch to the "Device" driver (from that list), hit "Save Device," then run the "Delete All States" command (which will appear at the top of the page). Then, switch back to whatever you were using.

That being said, this still seems unlikely to help. :slight_smile: But it can't hurt and is odd that they would be different...


No luck sadly, thanks for the tip though!

Have found a very dodgy work around till Monday when I can actually get hold of qubino.

This is running some lights in a pub that opens Monday so at least the customers can see their food now

When I switch back to the right driver, the digital parameter is still digital though must have something to do with it

It seems unlikely to me to have anything to do with the actual problem; my guess is that the driver is using this internally to track whether the last "on" command was physical (with the switch) or digital (from the hub), and the worst outcome if it's wrong should just be that the "switch" event gets the wrong type (physical vs. digital, and lots of devices are kind of wonky with if or how they report this anyway, so IMHO it's rarely of good use). In general, state variables are rarely helpful to the end user of a driver--usually just one tool the author can use to internally track something (but it can sometimes be useful for troubleshooting if you're working with the author or have the code).

I suppose I should ask: are you using one of the dedicated Qubino drivers for this device? (That appears to be the recommended driver, though I can't find this exact product name in the list, so I'm not sure.) If your others are working fine, I'm not sure what could be wrong since you're probably doing everything else the same. Hitting "configure" probably can't hurt if you haven't tried it already but also seems unlikely to help with this particular issue.

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I have pressed anything and everything I have spent 12 hours yesterday trying to get this sorted before this venue open on Monday.

This has been an absolute ball ache. I am so close to ripping the whole lot out and putting physical dimmers in!! I got it somewhat working last night, although launching scenes is still ■■■■ and doesn't laugh them all.

Then just as I wanna leave for the the day at 11pm the whole things goes ■■■■■■■ mental.

Why the ■■■■ is this ■■■■ so hard? How the hell are all these people on YouTube effortlessly sorting this ■■■■ out?

I have 9 circuits all I want them to do is change the dimming level at different times of day.


I am gonna send it all back and I am never going to do this again, Its actually effecting my mental health this ■■■■

Can you post a screenshot of your z-wave details page? There is nothing in the state variables that would cause an issue. "isDigital" tracks commands triggered from the software to determine if it was a physical or a digital event.

Evening all,

Did anyone find a solution? Is there another version of the Driver out there? What recommendations do you have?

I have a similar issue. I have around 50 Qubino DIN Dimmers all connected to momentary switches, all included in my network. After initial set up everything worked as expected.

Every few days, and seemingly without a pattern, some Qubino DIN Dimmers suddenly stop responding to inputs from the hubitat app, dashboard, anything digital, ...
They always still respond to the physical momentary switch.

I note that these non responding dimmers all have "isDigital=true", whereas the others are false.
I can still see the physical switch status updating on the device page, 'off' to 'on' etc.
The Qubino DIN Dimmer is on the supported devices list under ZMNHSD1, after becoming supported in v 2.2.5 onward.

Unpairing, resetting and re-pairing fixes the issue... but it always recurs after a few days.
Selecting 'Device' driver and deleteAllStates does remove the states, but doesn't fix the issue.
Repairing the network has no impact
Repairing the individual Qubino DIN Dimmer has no impact
Restoring a backup has no impact

Is there another version of the Driver out there? What recommendations do you have?

Many thanks for any pointers


Any solutions?

I have the same issue. The device sending power event, but doesn’t respond for any command.

IsDigital shows ”True” with issued device and false with working ones.

Nope, no solutions, a year on the issue persists.
I have had to pay for remote access and I have to remove the device from the hub and add it again. Such a paiun

And still no solution? I just repaired two dimmers and after 5 minutes both died again…

If you want help, you'd be much better off either starting a new topic, or at least providing full context information including what device, what driver, what hub build, etc.