Changing Nest thermostat to ECO mode when returning home

I’m looking for a way to set my Nest Thermostat to Eco mode automatically when I return home. The only modes available are Auto, Heat, Cool and Off. Has anyone done this? Right now I turn the thermostat off when I’m away. But would like to set the thermostat to the preset temperatures of ECO mode. Alternatively, I would like to set it to Auto but be able to adjust the set points, high and low, depending on the time of year.


Not sure if you are using my Google SDM API integration, but it supports a custom command setEcoMode. Calling this with arg 'MANUAL_ECO' enables eco mode on the thermostat. Calling the same command with arg 'OFF' reverts back to the previous mode.

Interestingly it seems the API does not support changing the eco setpoints, just uses what is already configured. Logically, the "normal" setpoints cannot be changed while in eco mode.

Looking at this part of the code now, I can see some enhancements and streamlining that I can make :slight_smile:


I am using your API. I’ve used the ‘MANUAL_ECO’ command from the device. I’m new to some of this. So let me play with this a bit so I can get a better understanding.

Thanks again.

Ed, for the Action you want select "Set Variable, Mode or File, Run Custom Action" from the drop down, then "Run Custom Action" from the next drop down box, the for "Select capability of action device" select Thermostat and then the "Select custom command" will give you a setEcoMode option and just set the String to MANUAL_ECO and it should work for you.

Thank you, that works.

I also added a “Defined Required Expression” for the thermostat mode to be “Off” for the action to run. Without that requirement if I manually changed the thermostat’s mode the App would keep reseting the thermostat back to ECO mode.

Thanks again.

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