Changing light group status from dashboard

I have lighting groups on a dashboard but can't figure out how to turn on or off if already in that state.

In this example, two lights in the Basement Group are on but the Basement Group itself is off. I'd like to turn off the Basement Group without turning it on first. From the group device page I have the option of choosing On or Off but only toggle to the opposite state on the dashboard. Am I missing another straightforward option? Thanks.

I expect it is more likely to do with your Room Lighting configuration. Have a look and post a screenshot of your RL settings for these groups regarding Indicator Use in the Activate Lights Options:

This is a group of lights created under the "Groups and Scenes" app, not the "Room Lighting" app that has the options you describe.

Is there a tile template that has discrete On and Off actions rather than a toggle?

Then you may want to change the category of this topic.

Are you able to post a screenshot of the App where you have configured the Groups?

If you want to continue using the Groups and Scenes setup you have, one option to achieve this would be to:

  • Create a virtual button device with two buttons, one for on and the other for off
  • Setup a button controller automation (app) that responds to each button appropriately by turning the group device on when button 1 is pressed. or off when button 2 is pressed
  • Add the button device to the dashboard configuration and create separate tiles that each use the Button template and "press" a specific button, i.e. button 1 or 2

Alternatively, you can import Groups and Scenes into Room Lighting, so you could get the options I posted earlier. I would recommend pursuing this setup, using Room Lighting.

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Have you tried to set that group device tile up as a dimmer?

That failing, what about the group device - is that set up as a "Room Lights Activator", or one of the other specific types of activators? Mine works, but it's registered as a "Room Lights Activator Switch".

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Thanks for the detailed information. I'm not sure that the "Group: Indicator if Any Are On" will get me where I want. In that case, the tile would show as On when a portion of the lights are on, but then there'd still be no way to turn on the other lights using that tile without turning it off first. If I want to pursue this, I think I'd have to use the button option you describe. I was hoping I was just missing an option (template?) for the dashboard tile for the group of lights (e.g. one with an On and Off button) without needing to create more buttons, activators, etc.

Then you may want to consider the All Are On or Set as Per Table options in RL, depending on how you use the lights. If not all the lights were on then I would expect this to show as off in the group device.

Just so you know, if you go into the devices page, you can change the activator device to a bulb or a couple other device types.

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This is the key. How are the different lights being used? Is there consistency each day? Moving to Room Lighting will probably give you more advance options to help.


Yes, but thanks. It wasn't v.long ago that I had no idea of such. I haven't delved into how that plays with automations to be well versed, except to try to work out stuff like KKL encountered so far.

I might not have explained my scenario correctly. The 2nd row of tiles in these screen caps are part of Basement Group.

In this situation, 2/6 lights are ON and Basement Group is OFF. I cannot use Basement Group to turn all lights OFF (without toggling it ON first).

Now 2/6 lights are ON but Basement Group is also ON. Now I cannot use Basement Group to turn all light ON.

I don't think it matters if I use a Group of lights or Room Lighting. There's apparently no single template that has an On and Off button; I'd need to create two tiles - one for ON and one for OFF. The Basement Group device has that functionality, but similar functionality isn't available on dashboard tiles.

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