Changing hubconnect server hub

Ok so I have 4 hubs in service a C-4, a C-5, a C-7 and a SmartThings V2 hub all connected via hubconnect the C-4 is the server hub. So the C-4 is having major issues and I believe on its last legs, so I purchased another C-7 hub. Can I just go in and replace the IP address and the connection keys on the remote hubs with the new C-7 and it work without having to reconnect all the hubs from scratch? As always all help is greatly appreciated.

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About 3 months ago I did something similar with a pair of Development Hubs. I had a C-5 that I wanted to swap with a C-7. I took a backup of the C-5 and Restored it to the C-7 and adjusted the IP address of the C-7 to be what the C-5 was using 2 mins before. When the C-7 booted up, it was exactly the functionality of the C-5.

I then 'factory reset' the C-5 and used it for a different experiment.

The important element was, the original C-5 had zero Z-devices. This made MY swap very very easy and yes, the paired hub connected right away, unaware of the swap.

The method you detail is ok however. :slight_smile:

Ok great thx for the info. I probably should have mentioned when I started no physical devices were connected to the C-4 it was just being used for the coordinator hub, and for routines only.

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