Changing how I sense mobile presence again

For years I used the geofencing feature of Hubitat to trigger mode changes, it worked very well. I always knew others thought it wasn't reliable and went to 3rd party apps, but I was happy enough with it. Then suddenly it started triggering late or not at all, not sure if it was an update that caused it or something else. I integrated Life360, and wow, that was spot-on all the time. I didn't care for the full-time tracking of everyone for privacy reasons, but the geofencing was flawless.
That was when my phone was pretty new and had great battery life. Now a couple of years later my battery is noticeably aging, and I need to figure out ways to conserve. Looking at the phone data I saw that every day Life360 consumed 18% - 20% of my battery usage. So now I switched to a new way, using the Home/Away sensing of the Google Home app, integrated to Hubitat with a virtual switch. I set this up last week, and the battery savings are huge. I now end my day with ~25% instead of 3% - 5%. Better yet, the accuracy is great so far. I can't see who is home and who isn't, but all I want is to trigger routines when everyone leaves or anyone returns. So far so good.


If you have it mainly for when you come home/leave in your car you can use @iharyadi 's presence sensor. It works incredibly well. You can even combine it with lets say wifi presense to make it even more accurate. This would save you a lot on battery usage. See this thread

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