Changing brightness and temperature over time

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I'm trying to change a key light over the course of the day. I tried the Circadian Rhythm app but it wasn't working for me, even with custom overrides. I can share more if people are interested. But now I'm trying RM. The current issue seems to be that this sort of rule:
Fade Light Elgato down to 30 over 540 minutes with 60.0 seconds interval
When it tries a new fade level, it either doesn't refresh or it issues an on command. Either way, if I'm in the middle of this long fade and I turn off the light, the fade turns it back on.

Perhaps the issue is more with the driver not refreshing and sending the previous on/off state with the level update? But I've confirmed that if I issue a setLevel by itself to this light, it will change the level but not turn the light back on.

I'm using this driver for the light.

Do I need to do something differently in RM? Do I need to patch the driver to refresh before issuing commands?

Turning the light off or changing its level will not stop the fade in RM--it just does its own thing once started (and will continue on the specified trajectory, which it calculates at the start time, not between each step). Further, I'm not sure if this is part of your question or not, but it's normal for a "Set Level" command to turn on the light--that is standard behavior unless the device supports "pre-staging" and either has it enabled via a special preference (sort of a legacy thing at this point, IMHO) or the new standard command (in which case "Set Level" will still have the standard behavior of turning the light on).

So...basically, you need to find some way to cancel this. It's possible from the Rule Machine side; there is a "Cancel Rule Timers" action you can run on any rule, and in-progress fades like this are one of several things it will cancel (if the fade is all you have, there's no need to worry about anything else, but the UI warns you of what all the possibilities are). The trick would be finding some way to trigger it. The light turning off might be a good way: maybe trigger on the light turning off in a new rule you make, then in that new rule's actions, do a "Cancel Rule Timers" on the rule that's doing the fade? (This won't help if you manually change the level and want that to interrupt the fade; that gets tricker unless your dimmer reliably reports physical vs. digital event or sends button events in addition to switch/level events, then you could use that instead. The most difficult scenario would be if this is a smart bulb and not a dimmer, then all events are effectively "digital" and you'd need to really think of something that could distinguish what the rule is doing from what you are doing--like maybe a level of 100%?)

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