Changed IP on Hue Hub

I had to change the IP on my Hue Hub for reasons I won't get in to. I am trying to change it in the Hue app within Hubitat so I can use my lights again, but can't figure out how, it still shows the old IP. How can I change the IP in Hubitat Hue Bridge Integration to reflect the new IP without rebuilding all of my lights & rules associated with them?

Hubitat's built-in integration uses SSDP to discover the bridge (by sending a request on your network, then listening for a response). You can't manually specify an IP address, so there's nothing to manually edit; it should automatically send a request at some point when it realizes the old address is no longer viable (as well as every day once IIRC), or there might be some things you can do in the integration app to speed up that process, though none are officially documented. Opening the app and hitting Done or looking for Bridges but not actually changing anything are good guesses...

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Seems to just take some time. The process seems to be to NOT set the static on the Hue hub directly first. First set the DHCP on the router, then reboot the hue hub. THEN go into the Hue app (the philips app, not the hubitat hue app) and change the IP to static. Once that is done, I just did some trial and error of clicking "Done" in the hue hubitat app and rebooting hubitat. After an hour or so, the IP changed on its own. Similar experience for Konnected, FYI.

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