Change z-wave routing table ourselves

As per topic, is there a way to re-order z-wave routing table ourselves?
I know that based on the hubitat doco, we are meant to do inclusion from the nearest position to the furthest to the hub (make sense too, due to frequency used by z-wave).

Let's say I stuff up the order during the setup and I'd like to reorder it manually; it would be nice to be able to manually change the table order.

If not, it'll be a pain thing to re-order the whole thing from scratch:

  1. Reset all z-wave radio
  2. Re-exclude all devices
  3. Reset all devices
  4. Re-inclusion all devices
  5. Re-create all automation

No need to Exclude and Include devices later on to correct the Z-Wave routing. Instead, simply run a "Z-Wave Repair" from the SETTINGS -> Z-WAVE page. This will cause all of your Z-Wave devices to find the best possible routes back to your hub.



To add to @ogiewon's advice, if your z-wave network is mostly z-wave plus devices, they will use explorer frames to re-discover optimal routes all the time.

Also, by way of clarification, the order in which devices appear on Hubitat's Z-Wave Details page does not define the order of "routing".


I have a combination of Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus devices

oh, so I just need to:

  1. Settings > Z-Wave Details > Reset Z-Wave Radio
  2. Settings > Z-Wave Details > Repair Z-Wave

Do NOT reset the Z-Wave radio.

All you need to do is

  1. Settings > Z-Wave Details > Repair Z-Wave
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Thanks for your prompt reply!

I've ran a couple of z-wave repair and seems it does not follow the best path as yet (that I can think of), unless z-wave frequency has its own mind (most probably due to the metal frame on the ground floor)
Note: I have a double-storey house with downstairs surrounded by the metal frame

There is no built-in tool that describes how the Z-Wave devices are routed, that I am aware of.

How are you determining this?

In general, if your devices work, then there is nothing to worry about . Are you having problems with certain devices not communicating properly with the Hubitat Hub?

Yea, when I move around the devices, the furthest away one is not connected to the hub (been waiting for almost 2 nights); if I move it closer to the hub, it'll detect it just fine.

The thing is, most of my devices are smart switch (always connected to AC), so I would imagine they are acting as a repeater too.

Device list:

  • 2 x Aeotec Smart Switch Gen 2 (ZWave)
  • 4 x Aeotec Smart Switch Gen 6 (ZWave Plus)
  • 1 x Aeotec Multi Sensor Gen 5 (ZWave Plus, I think)
  • Samsung smartthings motion sensor (I believe this is zigbee)
  • TP-Link HS110 smart switch (Wifi)

Which of your devices does not work properly when moved further away from the Hub?

The Samsung Zigbee Motion Sensor will require some Zigbee repeater-capable devices, like the IKEA Tradfri outlets or Samsung Zigbee outlets.

The aeotec smart switch gen 6

Interesting enough aeotec smart switch gen 2 is reached first by he during zwave repair, even though it's located upstairs (HE is located downstairs)

Also based on my experience the zigbee and wifi devices are working better than the zwave one (in my metal frame house at least...)

I personally have very little current Z-Wave experience, so take my advice for what it's worth...:wink: You may simply need to add a lot more Z-Wave Plus switches and dimmers to establish a solid Z-Wave mesh. Note: I moved everything in my home over to Lutron Caseta (only available in USA and Canada primarily, I believe) and Zigbee as my old Z-Wave (before Z-Wave Plus) were always giving me grief. The Lutron hardware has been 100% reliable.

You might want to ask other Australian users for their advice with what devices work best in Australia. There are some pretty large discussions going on in the Australia category.

This doesn't work on C7, routes don't change and my 17 out of 18 of my zwave devices follow a path from a non-existing node (node 01)... trying to migrate from C4 here, but I think I'm going to give up if I cannot correct the routes... Unless there's a way to delete something that does not exist...

There is using external zwave sticks and separate PC based zwave software. I don't think there is built into the hub though.

node 01 is the hub

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LOL. I need better reading comprehension. I glossed right over the fact he said node 01.... :confused:

Yes, node 01 is good, and you can't get rid of node 01.


I was wondering... LOL... All devices unreachable, though... and, of course, can't add a new device any longer, just like yesterday...

Repair failed node unreachable

06 07 08 09 0D 0E 14 16 1E 23 0C 11 13 15 24 19 1C

You've posted in a lot of different threads now, so this is hard to follow.

But in general, once you have multiple ghost nodes it is not uncommon for both repairs and pairing to fail. You need to get the ghost nodes fixed either by working through removal on the hub, using an external usb stick + PC zwave software, or by starting over on the mesh and factory resetting all devices.

I know that will likely not be great news, but once there are ghost nodes - especially multiple of them - the options are limited.

EDIT: I see Bryan is helping you out in another thread. He has forgotten more than I'll ever know on this topic, so I'll bow out in deference to his help!

Good luck! Seriously!

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Thanks. Was able to get things back and running finding out what I was doing wrong. However, there's still the matter of having ghost devices appearing every other device I try to pair. The inclusion times out and initialization doesn't finish, thus generating ghosts: and this, even if i touch nothing, at all... it looks like it's more frequent with battery powered devices so I wonder if it's not the hub that is too slow at pairing before the device is done, but I can't really say; what I can tell is that there are a lot of people in my situation and also that I never had that problem with my C5's and my C4 hubs...

I had that problem continuously on the C-5 when I first joined. The difference is that the C-7 puts it in the zwave details page that there is a ghost and the C-5 did not. The very easy way to tell on the C-5 if you have ghosts is when you run a zwave repair and you get 4 consecutive "Repairing SUC route" or something to that effect and it just goes to the next device. Although you could only see this on repeating devices that are included in a zwave repair.

This is what got me to include every device right next to the hub, then just let the mesh settle itself out for about week. When transitioning to the C-7 I had zero ghosts out of 43 devices.