Change virtual device network ID?

Will something bad happen if I change the device network ID for a virtual device?

Changing the label of a device seems to affect the way the device shows up in a rule machine rule, so I'm wondering if the same thing is true for DNI of a virtual device.


The only thing that will happen is if you give it the same ID that already exist,you’ll get an error 500, but if you just click the browser back arrow and fix it, it’s fine

We've fixed that recently, you'll get an error message at the top of the screen telling you to choose a different device network id.


ok, so it sounds like there's nothing inherently problematic in changing a virtual device's DNI, just make sure it's a unique one when making any changes.


It seems Hubitat is not very picky on the the ID for virtual devices. I started mine at V100 then V101 etc. Makes it easy to pick out of the devices list.